BTJ Provides Much Needed Aid to Taliban Controlled Area in Afghanistan

Many international aid agencies watched from the sidelines as almost 200 people died from flooding in Afghanistan two weeks ago. Torrential rains pounded already poverty-ridden central and eastern Afghanistan, injuring more than 250 people and destroying 3,100 houses. BTJ was one of the few organizations able to provide immediate aid to the area and get food to the women and children who were left stranded in the Taliban-controlled nation.

The true impact of the floods has not been completely calculated yet, because the real tragedy has yet to unfold. Thousands of livestock were killed and hundreds of square miles of farmland destroyed, meaning that it is going to be a long and daunting winter for the people of Afghanistan.

The BTJ team leader on the ground in Afghanistan wrote:

Dear [BTJ], in this mission [to the flood stricken area], I went to visit the most needy people. I met with the families and listened to them for what they needed. They begged me for food. I met with the Taliban leader to get his permission for travel and immediately went and bought the food that was needed. On the first day, we were able to provide two months supplies of food for 80 families.

I know that you are praying for us. May God be pleased with the mission I did today and I hope you are pleased too. When I do this work, people thank us in an incredible way and I am so happy. Tears flow from my eyes and down my face because of the grace that [BTJ] has shown me and my people of Afghanistan.

BTJ is continuing to provide aid in Afghanistan even under Taliban control. The aid that we provide is 100% handled by local Afghani’s and goes directly to the people who are in need.

To provide direct help to those that need it, click below to learn more:

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  1. Mary Ellen Gilvey

    That’s very nice to help the Taliban out with food because of flooding. When a Nation needs help with food this is very important to put all differences aside and anger and opinions and how you feel about the Nation and its Citizens but to overlook all the Negative things and to still provide assistance with Humanitarian help. Other Nations must not ever let another Nation starve to death its Citizens. Several Nations have difficulty obtaining food where many starve to death. Like North Korea, Parts of India and Parts of Africa and a few others. To see someone starve to death is gutt wrenching. God wants Nations (To Share their Excess). There is enough to go around for everybody. Why HOARD? Why be stingy? Why be gluttonous? Sharing is the most beautiful thing a person can do for another human being. It opens the Heart up and it says I CARE ABOUT YOU.


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