BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 23

Bombs! Bombs! Bombs!

More bombs have been dropped in Syria than anywhere else. The government is bombing the rebels. The rebels are bombing the Syrian Army. Turkey is bombing the Kurds. The Kurds are bombing the Turks. Israel is bombing the Iranians. The Americans are bombing ISIS.

Everyone is bombing someone in Syria.

In December 2015 alone, the US ran 9,000 bombing airstrikes and a few months later in February 2016 the Russians dropped 400 bombs in one single day. When the US went full force against ISIS in 2017, they dropped 5,400 bombs in the month of August.

But what if all of the bombs in the world will not bring about the victory that so many desire? What if the transformation cannot be brought about by the bombs of destruction, but only with the bombs of life?

BTJ has been providing Bibles into Syria. The numbers have not been as many as the surrounding nations, but even one Bible can make a difference. The Bible can do something that bombs can not – the Bible changes the heart of man from the inside out. The Bible brings hope – not fear. The Bible brings life – not death.

Instead of delivering bombs to Syria, lets bring Bibles.


May more Bibles be delivered to Syria than bombs! If Christian nations can afford to send thousands of bombs then surely the Christian church can afford to send thousands of Bibles. The the hope and truth of God’s Word be delivered to the people of Syria with the accuracy of a smart bomb and may the impact of God’s Word destroy the strong hold of the enemy and remove him from power.


For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

Dr. Eugene Bach is a known trouble-maker with an active imagination and sinful past. He has a PhD, but is not a real doctor, so please do not call for him during a medical emergency on an airplane when someone is having a heart attack. Eugene started working for Back to Jerusalem in the year 2000 after a backroom deal involving Chinese spies, the NRA, Swiss bankers, and a small group of Apostolic Christians that only baptize in Jesus’ name. He spends most of his time in closed countries attempting to topple governments by proclaiming the name of Jesus and not taking showers. From time-to-time he pretends to be a writer. He is not good at it, but everyone around him tries to humor him.

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