BTJ Partners Make and Distribute Face Masks in India

Right now, India is among the nations that have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus. They are in desperate need of supplies to treat their people and slow down the spread.

Last year, BTJ launched a project to help.

We were able to work together with our partners in India to make and distribute reusable face masks to those who needed them. Funding was sent into the country to provide sewing machines, to pay the workers, and support the training the workers needed to complete the project.

The women who were making the masks used material which no longer had use – material which would have otherwise been thrown away was now being used to make sustainable face masks which could be reused.

Our partners were then able to distribute the face masks, handing them out to meet the growing need.

Please pray for our partners currently on the ground who are distributing these masks as the situation becomes more difficult in India.

3 thoughts on “BTJ Partners Make and Distribute Face Masks in India”

  1. Praying for India and our Brothers and Sisters.
    Praying for these women to be blessed in their work.
    Praying for protection and mercy in Jesus name.

  2. How can we get the miracle drug Ivermectin to them. Doctors every where are saying it is safe and effective. There is research to suggest the masks are making the problem worse not better.

  3. It was reported here last year that certain areas in India had successfully fought covid using HCQ. Have they changed this policy since then?

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