BTJ Missionaries Start a School in One of China’s Most Muslim Areas

Back to Jerusalem is sponsoring a school in Western China.

In this area of China, more than 90% of the population is Muslim. Many of the parents of the children in this area are suffering from being placed into “re-education” camps. Many of the men in this area are involved in the drug trade.

Unfortunately, this is very popular amongst the Muslims in the western part of China. Hence, many of the brothers, fathers, and sons are serving prison sentences in China for illicit drug trade. This means that many of the children are left without any access to a good education or good schools, much less any access to the gospel.

Thus, we were able to successfully start a school of 200 students. We supply them with the building, all the books, and the teachers. The amazing thing is that all the teachers in the school are Back to Jerusalem missionaries.

If you would like to sponsor the school, just click herePlease keep the BTJ missionaries in your prayers as they serve there.

I am a Messianic Jewish believer that felt the tug of the L-rd towards the unreached. I decided I would go to China. My love for the Chinese people grew while I was there, but when I learned of the Back to Jerusalem movement, I knew the L-rd wanted me to be proclaiming His gospel message to the unreached people between China and Jerusalem. Let’s unite and complete the great commission. We need to accept the challenge Jesus has given us so that we can feel the exhilaration of victory.

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