BTJ Missionaries Get Good News From Thailand!

Several nations around the world suffering from the broken tourism industry after Covid are looking to China to help bail them out and this is good news for BTJ missionaries!

Thailand is one of those nations. Thailand’s economy is heavily reliant on the tourism industry, but they shut everything down during the Covid pandemic. Now that the world has started to open up again, many travelers are choosing other destinations to see family, friends, and work colleagues. The demand for Thailand’s pristine beaches are not yet high enough to sustain the tourism economy.

That is why Thailand has approved extreme measures granting temporary visa-free entry to Chinese tourists. The new travel approval for Chinese has been in place since Sept. 25 and will last until Feb. 29 next year.

BTJ missionaries have been traveling to Thailand for several years helping to set up mission training opportunities.


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  1. snow rider 3d

    The tourism sector is very important to Thailand’s economy, yet authorities were forced to suspend all operations when the COVID outbreak struck.


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