BTJ Martyr’s Scholarship Fund Goes to Iranian Family on Run From Police

Last week, BTJ paid one full year of tuition for the child of an Iranian church leader who is on the run from the police.

For security reasons, most details cannot be openly shared, but as part of the BTJ Martyr’s Scholarship Fund, BTJ was able to invest in a family that is currently being persecuted in Iran. The family is in hiding and cannot raise the money that they need to pay for tuition, so BTJ has used funding from the supporters of the Fund to assist.

Below is a special message from one of the parents to BTJ supporters:

Hello Believers in God!

I thank God that He has united us from across the world and that one Spirit is working amongst us. We are truly members of God’s family. How beautiful it is that the Word of God compares us believers to the body parts working together. Because even when the smallest part of the body is in pain, the rest of the body is in pain and focuses on that part that is in pain and in need. Each time I am helped by dear brothers and sisters, I have a deeper revelation of what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. The reason I write this letter is to thank you for how you are glorifying God in your attention and help to the least of these. Me and my [child] were so worried that the Muslim school that they are going to was going to cause problems and even kick them out since they found out that they are a Christian. But we prayed and took our worries to God according to Philippians 4, not to worry about anything but to pray to God instead. God heard our prayers and my [child] has stood strong in their faith and has been an example to students and staff at the Muslim school they attend. They are at the top of their class and have impressed teachers and staff at the Muslim school they attend. They speak fluent Farsi…and good English. We truly thank God who led you to support us in this area. God’s Word and His promises are truly amazing as we put our trust in Him no matter the hardship. I want to thank you for lifting such a burden from me and my [child] and filled our hearts with joy. Especially my [child] whose focus is to be well educated and use that education one day for the furtherance of the Gospel. To see my [child] thriving having been raised in poverty and persecution and such hardship – brings tears to my eyes. God is truly our provider. May God’s blessings be with you and remain with you.

The young student that BTJ is supporting to go through school has also written a special letter to all of the BTJ supporters.

I wanted to write this letter and thank you for your help. When I first came to [new place] I did not like to go to school because I had come to an environment I did not know…and I did not know how to make friends. I was supposed to go to a public school in the low income community because we lacked money. I saw much violence and inappropriate behavior there. I cried every night and hated going to school. But our [sister partnered with BTJ] promised me that if I studied well she would help pay for me to go to private school which had a better environment. I was so encouraged and motivated. Maybe I would not have thrived like this if I had gone to the public school. But I started doing so well in this school and this encouraged me. This year my mom told me that because of financial stress on [sister partnered with BTJ], we might have to consider going to public school. I was so stressed out. I prayed to God my Father to provide. Soon after I heard that you were helping me to go to school. I was filled with joy and hope again and thanked God. Thank you for providing for me. I hope one day I have so much money that I can help all of the [Christian] kids in Muslim countries to get the education they need. That they can thrive and grow. That they would not be afraid and instead have confidence in God.

Since we started the BTJ Martyr’s Scholarship Fund, we have been able to support the education for a child of a Chinese pastor who was put in prison, the child of a BTJ missionary in the Middle East and the child of an Iranian house church leader living on the run from the police.

If you want to make an investment that will really make a difference, there is no better way than to invest into the lives of the children of those who have been persecuted for the sake of the Gospel.

BTJ doesn’t just support the persecuted church; we also support the children of the persecuted church.

Due to severe persecution in recent years, many Christian families are finding it difficult to give their children a proper education. Believers are being hit with huge fines that they will never be able to pay. Sales of homes are being blocked, travel has been restricted, jobs are being revoked, and thousands are being arrested.

To help in this time of need, BTJ has the Martyr’s Scholarship Fund to help children who are directly affected by parents facing restrictions, government pressure, surveillance, prison and other forms of persecution.

If you would like to join BTJ and bless the child of a persecuted family, please click here.

If you think you know someone who can greatly benefit from the BTJ Martyr’s Scholarship Fund, please send an email to to apply.

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