BTJ Just Completed the Very First Audio Bible for the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”

After several years of effort, BTJ has finally completed the final recording for the first audio Bible in the language of the people living in the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon!’

For the first time ever, BTJ has ever embarked on creating an audio Bible for the nation of Bhutan. Almost 99% of the nation of Bhutan is considered to be unreached with the Gospel. “The Bible that we have in our own language is not a great translation,” Pastor Anil (not his real name) told us. “It is an old translation with language that we simply do not use in everyday conversations, so the younger people do not understand what is being said.”

BTJ began working with Pastor Anil several years ago by building a secret studio inside the isolated nation of Bhutan. “I personally worked with a team to change some of the words that are difficult to understand into easy to understand language. What we have produced, I think, is an audio Bible that can be taken to the most remote regions of Bhutan.”

The majority of Christians in Bhutan are Nepalese, but Nepalese are only 35% of the population. The majority of the population are the Drukpa people. The Drukpa call their country ‘Druk-yul’ or ‘land of the thunder dragon.’ According to THE JOSHUA PROJECT, the Drukpa are 100% unreached, but BTJ is currently working with a fellowship that is 100% Drukpa. “We have the first fellowship in Bhutan that is 100% Drukpa,” Pastor Anil shares during a meeting earlier this week. “Our church is growing slowly.”

Drukpa are Buddhists and believe that the their founding llama, Padmasambhava, flew across the Himalayas from Tibet on the back of a tiger to bring Buddhism to Bhutan in AD 746. Only the teachings of the Buddhist religion have been allowed, but now the entire Bible is available in the local language.

BTJ did not raise any funds for this project. The entire project was 100% supported by BTJ GateKeepers.

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