BTJ in Sweden THIS WEEK!

There is something happening in China that is shaking the nation at it core. After the last four years of intense persecution, there is a new wave of revival happening in China’s largest cities!

Eugene Bach has been traveling in China for the last couple of weeks and saw a new move of the Holy Spirit and it is hitting a different part of society. Churches are swelling with young urban believers that are hungry for the Gospel message. Disillusioned with the idea of chasing wealth, China’s urban youth are looking for something more meaningful in life and they are finding it in Christ. Eugene saw house churches filled to capacity in office buildings, factories, hotel conference rooms, farm garages, and even a massage parlor!

Eugene is flying straight from China to Stockholm, arriving in Arlanda on the 21st of May and driving straight to Södertornkyran to share about the newest developments in the house churches in China.

Tuesday May 21
Patron Pehrs väg 3
Start Time: 6:30 PM

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