BTJ in Somalia

Somalia is often referred to as “the land that God forgot.” Sharia Law has been the law of the land in Somalia for as long as the people can remember and everyone has suffered because of it. Since Islam has taken over, the nation has been hit by famine, poor crop production, and most recently, daily terrorist attacks on the populace.

“Kindly pray for us here. Four huge explosions rocking around the city,” came a text from a BTJ partner late one night. Last month, at least 20 people were killed in one explosion in only one week, but it was never really reported in mainstream media.

The truth is Somalia is in desperate need of prayer. It is a nation drowning in misery and the people need Jesus more than ever before. This is why BTJ is supporting underground Christians in Somalia by aiding efforts to supply food and jobs. BTJ has been supporting aid efforts that provide assistance directly through believers who are living inside the country. In addition to food, BTJ has started businesses for Christians who need sustainable income and a platform to help people in need. 

The world must admit that the strict adherence to Islam has not brought peace to Somalia. Islam has been tried for generations, but has clearly failed and the people are suffering. Only the name of Jesus can bring salvation to the people of Somalia and this is why BTJ is working with underground Christians there to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ. For security reasons, details cannot be shared about the projects, but BTJ has been sending aid to Somalian Christians and we need your prayers to continue doing so.

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