Many people often ask how many BTJ missionaries are serving outside of China. The exact number is difficult to say because there are so many Chinese living and working abroad with different underground house church networks that do not openly report their activities.

The number is shrouded in secrecy because of security.

For the first time ever, one network sits down with BTJ and shares all the details of every worker that they currently have serving outside of China.

On May 19th, a secret meeting took place in the Chinese southern province of Guangdong between the leaders of a group that is commonly known as the ‘No-name’ group. This network is made up of five primary leaders from all around China and is made up of an estimated 4-6 million believers.

For the first time ever, they came together to coordinate their mission efforts in the 10/40 Window. Their goal is to complete the Great Commission in their life time.

They have only started.

The leaders of the ‘No-name’ network reveal the nations that they are working in and how many people they have on the ground serving as missionaries in some of the darkest regions of the world. They also detail the platforms of each worker and what activities they are engaged in for ministry.

This is an exclusive list from the “No-name” group obtained by BTJ. This kind of list has never been released before.

Country Leader #1 Leader #2 Leader #3 Leader #4 Leader #5
Ethiopia 13 Missionaries
Kazakstan 6 missionaries
Jordan 11 Missionaries 4 Missionaries 4 Missionaries
Burma 8 Missionaries 22 Missionaries
Cambodia 8 Missionaries 16 Missionaries
Dubai 2 Missionaries 2 Missionaries
Uzbekistan 8 Missionaries 8 Missionaries 6 Missionaries
Egypt 16 Missionaries 16 Missionaries 4 Missionaries 20 Missionaries
Pakistan 2 Missionaries 2 Missionaries 2 Missionaries 14 Missionaries
Thailand 2 Missionaries 12 Missionaries
Laos 6 Missionaries
Nepal 17 Missionaries 15 Missionaries
Bangladesh 6 Missionaries
Kenya 4 Missionaries
Lebanon 4 Missionaries
North Korea 8 Missionaries
Vietnam 4 Missionaries
Iraq 5 Missionaries
Subtotal 74 26 39 68 67


This is only one group of missionaries being sent out by one network that is not included in the 5 main networks of China. The ‘No-name’ group, with it’s 4-6 million believers, is considered to be one of the smallest groups among the underground house church networks in China.

The ‘No-name’ group only started sending out missionaries about 10 years ago. Their first missionaries went to Yemen to preach the Gospel among the nomadic tribes in Yemen. Since those first missionaries left out, there has been a desire for many others to follow in their footsteps.

There are currently more missionaries in training preparing to go out than are currently on the field. BTJ predicts that the number of missionaries living outside of China will double in the next three years.

If you would like to know more about the ‘No-name’ underground house church network, there is only one place to read about it and it is here in our book about the underground house church of China:

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