BTJ Delivers Bibles to Injured Soldiers in Ukrainian Hospital

BTJ has been printing Bibles and delivering them to the frontline troops in Ukraine, who are desperate for the Word of God.

“I’ve got some pictures from distribution of the [camouflage] New Testaments for the wounded soldiers in one of the hospitals,” wrote Tym, the director of the BTJ office in Poland. “36 soldiers got their Bibles!”

These pictures are directly from the distribution this week.

BTJ is distributing several thousand Bibles to soldiers and refugees inside Ukraine who are desperately trying to get their hands on the Word of God. “The needs are so great, especially when it comes to the Word of God,” Tym wrote last week, as the first Bibles came out of production. The Bibles are in such high demand that the book stores cannot keep them on the shelf and, because of the short supply, it is not easy to get new ones printed. “Other mission [representatives] are saying, “how did you mange to get those New Testaments? There is no paper on the European market!”

We praise the Lord that He provided a way for us to print almost thirty thousand Bibles and deliver them to the most needy areas in Ukraine.

This year is THE YEAR OF THE BIBLE for BTJ. Our efforts are to bring Bibles, not bombs, to war zones and preach a message of Life and not death.

You can be a part of BTJ’s Bible distribution program by simply clicking below.


1 thought on “BTJ Delivers Bibles to Injured Soldiers in Ukrainian Hospital”

  1. I hope those Bibles give you joy and comfort.. And Peace. I always tell people to start with the Gospel of John, its about Love. Then read the Acts
    of the Apostles then the Book of Genesis and Exodus and Proverbs and the beautiful Psalms then the Letters to Saint Paul and the Corinthians. This is a great start to fall in love with the BIBLE which is TRUTH.

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