BTJ Business as Mission training

Business as Mission has emerged as one of the most significant methods for missionaries to gain access to closed nations between China and Jerusalem.

With the launch of the “One Belt One Road” initiative in China, the Chinese government has been investing billions of dollars in the region between China and Jerusalem to launch thousands of different China-related businesses.

This initiative is a clear way to clear the way for Chinese missionaries to begin working in other nations.

There are many missionaries from China that are ready to give their lives on the mission field and are eager to work in business that provides them with a platform, income, and local relationships. That is why BTJ is hosting a Business as Mission conference in Vietnam for Chinese entrepreneurs.

At the conference, Chinese missionaries will:

  • connectwith business leaders from around the world
  • learnabout business opportunities currently available in unreached nations
  • learn how to use their business to share the Gospel
  • learn how to builda self-sustaining ministry with business

…and much, much more!

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