BTJ Book Named Finalist for 2023 ECPA Christian Book Award in Two Categories

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) has named the finalists in 12 categories for the Christian Book Award and BTJ’s book, SHACKLED, has tied as a finalist in two separate categories!

According to ECPA, for the 2023 Christian Book Award, they had “a record-breaking pool of nearly 400 entries” competing for this years title. Out of all the books announced, SHACKLED is only one of two books this year to qualify as a finalist in two categories – AUDIO and BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR. The other book to qualify in two categories is Max Lucado’s You Can Count on God (Thomas Nelson).

SHACKLED is the true story of one woman, Mariam Ibraheem, and her dramatic triumph over persecution, gender abuse, and a sentence of 100 lashes and death by hanging.

Mariam was born in a refugee camp in the Muslim nation of Sudan. After a traumatic childhood, Mariam became a medical doctor, ran her own successful businessperson, married the man she loved, and had a beautiful baby boy. But one day, her world was shattered when the Islamic authorities discovered she was a Christian. They demanded that she abandon her faith, divorce her husband, and accept Islam.

Mariam refused. Ultimately, a Sharia court sentenced her to 100 lashes—and death by hanging.

The miracles that followed her on death row will leave you speechless. Follow Mariam as she is beaten and tortured, but sees the love of Christ come through. Read how God provides peace, understanding, supernaturally breaks Mariam’s shackles and even brings her back from the dead!

Mariam took a stand on behalf of all women who are maltreated because of their gender and all people who suffer from religious persecution.

SHACKLED was published by our dear friends at Whitaker House Publishing. Whitaker House has been a partner with Back to Jerusalem for many years and has published a number of books about persecution and the underground house church of China.

“The Christian Book Awards are a key component of ECPA’s industry recognition programs, honoring publishers and authors for books of substance and impact,” said ECPA president Jeff Crosby. “We congratulate each of the finalists for their commitment to excellence in Christian publishing.”

The winners in each category, along with the 2023 Christian Book of the Year®, will be announced at the ECPA Awards Celebration, featuring Philip Yancey and Luci Shaw, held Tuesday evening May 9th in Nashville, during the ECPA Leadership Summit.

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