1. Karen Kruse

    I was wanting to hear the song they sing in China about the martyrs. Is there such a thing available in English?

    1. Will

      Hi Karen, sorry, no that is not something we have.

  2. Jyoti Pariyar

    So blessed and inspired in our Heavenly Lord from the testimony of Brother Yun.

  3. Dave Andersen

    Praying and thinking of you often.

  4. Aline

    Thanks for your life!! Thanks Jesus!!!

  5. Jaqueline

    Li o livro do amado irmão Yun e estou impactada até agora.

    I read Beloved Brother Yun’s book and I’m impressed even now.

  6. Shekin Stevenson

    Dear Pr. Yun, I’m Shekin from India. I’ve been greatly challenged by reading your life from the book the heavenly man! Oh God, what a wonderful work of God through to this world! With my whole heart I bless you! My only burden for you is, to see the vision God has placed in your to burn into full flame and fulfilled. We praise God for giving you to china and the world! Do your work relentlessly! Greater things are ahead! We will see the world change, transformed, evangelized and filled with the knowledge of God as water covers the sea!! We love you!
    God bless!!


  7. Rev Dr Simon-Awobode, Tunde Peter

    I came across your book the “Heavenly Man”, honestly, I remain not the same. May God continue to uphold and renew your strength from glory to glory in Jesus mighty name. I love to be associated with you for more strength and eye openings. Thank you and God bless you real good sir in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  8. Vagner

    Li todo o livro, o homem do céu. Uma frase que me fez refletir foi, Devemos pedir a Deus costas fortes e não o fim da perseguição.

    Translation: I read the whole book, the heavenly man. A phrase that made me reflect was, We must ask God for a strong back and not an end to persecution.

  9. Vagner

    Me diz como eu posso ajudar.
    Moro no Brasil, Estado do Espírito Santo, na cidade de Marataízes.
    Meu nome é Vagner
    A paz do Senhor esteja sempre com vocês. Estarei orando por vós nas minhas orações

    Translation: Tell me how I can help.
    I live in Brazil, State of Espírito Santo, in the city of Marataízes.
    My name is Vagner
    The peace of the Lord be with you always. I will be praying for you in my prayers

    1. Will

      Hi Vagner, we have a team in Brazil, please feel free to reach out to them directly. You can reach them at officebr@backtojerusalem.com

      You can also help by praying, telling others about the vision (liking and sharing post on social media), going on a trip to Iraq with us and giving financially.

  10. Stella

    I’m re reading Heavenly Man. Came across this book 16 years ago, just before my daughter drowned at age 17. I was told that all suffering belongs on the cross, that Jesus carried it all, and my broken heart was aching because I did not claim his sufferings. This teaching did not line up with scripture. As I walked through that deep valley, God was with me in comfort, counsel and healing.

    As I read Heavenly Man this time, I’m highlighting all the scripture, talking note of suffering, miracles and visions, fasting and praying. I’m gaining a new love for Christ and his Holy Word, and for suffering.

    It appears that this country, Canada, is heading into persecuting followers of Christ. I believe we need to learn to follow Christ with our whole heart soul and mind. We need to learn about walking through suffering, and taking up the cross of Christ.

    1. Autumn

      Stella, the Lord empower you more and more in His love. Here in Montana, we may not be too far behind you. Sister, we will grow in Him together in His Spirit. I am praying for you.
      Thank you Brother Yun, Gods Heavenly Man.

  11. Jorge de Andrade

    Irmão Yun seu testemunho impacto minha fé, e essa forma de voltar a Jerusalém proclamando a salvação, lembrando que Ele Jesus Cristo nos amou primeiro

  12. MIriam Fukami

    Amei seu livro, me fez entender o porquê Deus faz a gente sofrer tanto aqui na terra, esse livro cura qualquer depressão, gostaria de conhecê-lo irmão Yun. Gostaria da sua bênção,

  13. Gardenia Maia

    Olá irmão Yun.! Como está a perseguição ainda na china contra cristãos? Como posso ajudar a impressão de bíblias? Li seu livro e confesso que não consigo expressar com palavras o meu sentimento diante do poder e ação de Deus com o seu povo.? Jesus Cristo está vivo e vai voltar . Continuemos firmes no Senhor !


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