In 2022, people from around the world watched as massive demonstrations bled into the streets of Iran. The people are desperately clinging to the idea of freedom as they give their lives in protest after protest. The tyrannical Islamic regime has had four decades of power and many feel hopeless and powerless to incite change, but some are turning to Jesus Christ for hope.

Iran is experiencing one of the largest revivals in the Muslim world and that is why, this year, BTJ is supporting a massive effort to bring in Bibles.

Last year, BTJ produced a new type of Iranian Bible and this year it is ready for printing and distribution! There is currently a huge need for Bibles in Iran. Digital Bibles are great, but believers really prefer a Bible they can hold in their hands,” said Deloris (not her real name), a BTJ partner in Iran.

According to Deloris, there are simply not enough Bibles available in Iran and that is why, for several months, BTJ has been working to produce a special Bible just for Iran. Our partners have been working day and night to get the translation and the printing layout just right and now we are happy to report that it is ready!

BTJ partners in Iran are eagerly awaiting these Bibles, even though receiving a Bible could mean a huge fine or imprisonment. Iranian laws against printing and distributing Bibles are very strict and our BTJ partners need to be covered in prayer.

The Bible distribution effort in Iran will not be limited to only printing, but will also include e-Bibles. BTJ has a new e-Bible that can be hidden on a mobile phone and can easily be distributed among house church members. The hidden e-Bible is a part of Operation Black Trumpet, which was developed by the BTJ hacker network. The e-Bible comes in several clandestine forms which cannot be described for security reasons, but allows the user to easily hide their e-Bible inside Islamic Hadiths – or special Islamic books.

These Bible distributions are dangerous and are taking place during a very fragile time in Iranian history. The enemy is desperately trying to keep the Gospel message out of the nation of Iran, but Christian warriors are going forth with the Word of God and need prayer.

Please continue to pray for the church in Iran and this Bible project. The Bible printing is at the earliest stages and the very first phase is the most expensive. The Bibles will grow cheaper with larger production in the future, once all of the initial investment fees have been covered. The first Bibles will cost less than $10 USD with initial start up costs and delivery, but we expect those fees to drop to less than half or even one-third of that price by next year.

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