In the last decade, BTJ has distributed hundreds of thousands of Bibles in Iran, in both digital and printed format, but there are some more remote areas that have yet to get access to the Bible.

This week, we experienced an amazing breakthrough when BTJ was able to deliver Bibles in an Iranian village that does not have access to the Internet.

“[The Bibles] were delivered in the most remote parts with no Internet,” reported Naghmeh Panahi, our BTJ partner in Iran. “Places where Bibles have never been delivered – very small villages are getting Bibles now, thanks to BTJ helping.”

The picture used for this article was sent to us from Iran after the delivery of the Bibles this week.

This year is The Year of the Bible for BTJ! We are providing Bibles for China, North Korea, and Iran and for the first time ever, we are also providing Bibles in Ukraine.



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