Bibles for Cambodia

Cambodia has been one of the hotspots for Christian persecution for decades. With the recent bloody history of Communism in the nation and the deadly enforcement of atheism, it has been almost impossible for anyone to have access to God’s Word.

That is changing.

Back to Jerusalem missionaries have been serving in Cambodia for many years and preaching the Gospel in the most remote areas. They have handed out Bibles during outreach efforts, but some of those Bibles were not useful because many locals were unable to read.

Cambodia habitually ranks near the bottom of the list compared to the rest of Asia in terms of literacy. According to recent studies, as many as one out of every four women in Cambodia are unable to read. The percentage of literacy is even lower in the countryside.

Therefore, BTJ has been partnering with ministries in Cambodia to provide audio Bibles. Our BTJ audio Bibles allow God’s Word to be studied and listened to on a daily basis in the most remote areas of Cambodia. BTJ’s audio Bibles are solar-powered so that they can be charged even in the most remote areas where electricity may not be available.

These audio bibles are bringing the power of God’s Word (presented in the Khmer language) to the most unreached areas of Cambodia. This year, BTJ GateKeepers funded 1,000 audio Bibles for Cambodia.

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