Bibles for Africa

Even though China is still going through extreme lockdowns, Bible production is back in full swing. So far this year, BTJ has completed a production of 6,000 electronic Bibles that were sent to Muslims being held in prison in closed countries.

“They have been shipped out,” came the report from inside China this last month.

These Bibles are already having an impact in ways we never thought possible.

“Eugene, you would not believe the number of Muslims that we have seen come to Christ in the last year who have been blessed by the BTJ Bibles,” said Heidi Baker while at a joint mission conference earlier this year. Heidi Baker, head of IRIS Ministries and partner of BTJ has been using these special Bibles in Africa and Asia. “We have seen former terrorists come to Christ and spend hours with the Bibles that you guys are producing.”

To enhance this effort, a special audio Bible has been specially designed by the BTJ Hacker network that will allow Christians in remote areas to have access to the Word of God in a special way that helps protect their safety.

This secret Bible program is supported by BTJ GateKeepers – a group of supporters who partner with BTJ for special projects.


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