BEYOND PRAYERS: Here’s How to Support Israel Now

If you are watching the events unfold in Israel and wondering how you can help, let us at BTJ share our experience with you.

Back to Jerusalem has sent aid to our friends in Israel through our partners at Myles and Katharine, House of Peace, to help after the October 7th attacks. For over ten years, BTJ has been partnered with Rabbi Myles Weiss and his wife Katherine, so when Israel was attacked by terrorists, BTJ worked together to find the best way to supply aid. Rabbi Myles helped BTJ navigate the charity waters to find the best way to invest in Israel.

BTJ partnered with Fellowship of Israel Ministries. Rabbi Myles serves on their global council and together they serve over 60 Arab Christian and Messianic Jewish ministries in the Land. BTJ sent $5,000 USD to help relocate families to hotels and kibbutzim, as well as to purchase Kevlar vests and helmets.

BTJ also partnered with Reach Initiative International who work with Holocaust survivors and also with young people after their army service. They maintain a presence in India on the New Age trail to Nepal to preach Yeshua to young ‘Israelis on the run’ after their IDF service. RII has been on the ground at the Gaza border with food, water, first aid kits, diapers and prayer for the communities. BTJ sent $2,500 USD to this ministry.

Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund was a ministry we sent funds to. They operate a therapy center in the Judean hills for children who are victims of terror. David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, and his 3 year old were shot on the road from Jerusalem to Shiloh years ago. This is NOT a Gospel outreach ministry, they are modern orthodox Jews, but we believe they are fulfilling the words of Jesus by restoring the “least of these” and Amos 9:15, by being planted in the mountains of Israel, never to be uprooted again. BTJ sent $1,250 USD to this ministry.

Finally, BTJ partnered together with Palestinian Media Watch. This stalwart group of young geniuses review ALL Arabic and Farsi communication for the Israelis and Americans. Their leader, Itamar Marcus, speaks to the heads of state in Europe and the USA on behalf of Israel and makes a compelling case for the revealing true nature of Islamic orthodoxy, i.e; Jihad and world domination.

As we are in a ‘war of words’ at this time, PMW’s commitment to the truth is paramount. Sadly, so many in the West have no idea what they are supporting in the name of virtual signaling through care for a people whose goal is Jewish genocide. BTJ sent $1,250 USD to this ministry.

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