Back to School with Fufu, Learn & Earn!

Learn about mission and earn your reward pack!

(For children ONLY)

The summer holiday seems like a year ago and you are now back in (home) school. I bet you are learning new and exciting things every day. But are you learning about mission?

At Back to Jerusalem, we think there is nothing more exciting than mission. Mission is what God is doing in the world to change peoples hearts and lives when they hear and believe the good news about Jesus. And God is using normal people, including children, so that this good news is heard in every corner of the world. Are you ready to be part of this adventure? It is time to begin learning about mission and we can help you get started!

So, have you ever wondered what happens to little boys that are sent to a temple in Tibet to live as a monk? Or what happens when a Christian gets beaten in a prison in China? Who does God send to help the young woman with a terrible skin disease lying under a blanket on the street? Why can a stinky prison toilet be the perfect place for a prayer meeting?

There are so many stories, and a few of them we tell in our Fufu books. You may have read some of them already. But we also have stuff online you can do to learn more. And not just learn…

When you go to you can find two videos of our Fufu books, which are read out loud to you by a real Chinese storyteller. You should listen to these first, and then you can download and print out the two workbooks. These workbooks have puzzles, challenges, and coloring pages. If you complete both workbooks and send them to our office, you will earn a Fufu reward pack. This package includes a Fufu world map, Fufu stickers, a certificate, and a surprise! The address of our office is: PO BOX 78347 Baton Rouge LA 70837. Also, please include your name and address, so we can send the reward pack to your home.

So, grab an adult if you need some help with finding and printing the workbooks and get going! We cant wait to hear from you!

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