Back to Jerusalem GateKeepers

Back to Jerusalem GateKeepers are monthly supporters who partner with Back to Jerusalem, providing crucial resources that enable us to prepare and equip teams to be on the ground when disaster strikes, to assist persecuted brothers and sisters across the globe, and to be positioned to spread the love of Christ whenever and wherever needed.

Despite their government’s ban on outside assistance, we have been able to help desperate people affected by devasting flooding in Iran! We continue to smuggle hologram Bibles created with the latest and greatest technology into North Korea where the Bible is needed now more than ever.

Believers in China are under an unprecedented new wave of persecution and any Christian activity puts them at risk of imprisonment. With the support of our GateKeepers, BTJ has resources to invest in applications that are not visible on a mobile device’s operating system, and can safely be shared among believers!

These are just a few examples of many behind-the-scenes BTJ global activities that are possible because of our GateKeepers. Their ongoing, monthly contributions help insure that our teams are supported, prayed for, and equipped to share the love of Christ all over the world with broken, hurting people who desperately need a Savior.

If you are already a GateKeeper, thank you! If you are not yet a GateKeeper please consider joining us so together we can continue to spread the gospel among the nations.

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