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How to be Informed Without Being Overwhelmed by the Daily News

Covid lockdowns, protests, starvation, missiles fired, economies collapsing, suicide bombers… the headlines are filled with things we’d rather not read, much less live through. But these are the news stories we wake up to on a regular basis and some days it’s enough to make anyone want to pull the covers back over their head. Thanks to technology-at-our-fingertips input, we

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After a Long Year China’s Churches Are Finally Reopening

Chinese citizens just celebrated Chinese New Year. The notable thing about this new year for Chinese churchgoers is that churches across the nation are now slowly reopening. Churches will be held to strict re-opening protocols, including requiring attendees to register their personal information and show their “health code” – a disturbing color-based QR code system that works via the WeChat

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Egyptian President Orders Removal of Quran Verses from School Textbooks

In a controversial move, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi recently ordered verses from the Quran and Islamic Hadith be removed from all school textbooks, with the exception of Islamic religion textbooks. President Sisi believes that the removal of these verses will combat the extremism behind the deadly attacks across the country that have increased in recent years, as militants often

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