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BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 15

Is Syria’s war about power or about water? The world’s water resources seem to be getting more and more controlled and Syria is not any different. War for water supply has been going on in the Middle East for thousands of years. In fact, the world’s earliest documented war over water is said to have happened 4,500 years ago when

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BTJ Syria Prayer Guide: Day 12

What is our role as Christians in Syria? Perhaps as western law-abiding Christians we have a tendency to first wait for the ‘doors to open’ before entering into a nation to preach the Gospel message. After all, are we not to respect the laws of the land? So if the law of a nation forbids Christianity, shouldn’t we as Christians

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BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 10

A Cry in the Desert Yazidis in Syria are a group of people that have been ruthlessly attacked over and over again and have survived as many as 64 genocide attempts. They are found primarily in Iraq and Syria clinging close to the Sinjar Mountain – a mountain that has been their refuge for many generations. Before there were Muslims

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BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 9

Christians Under Attack Of all the people in Syria, the ones that are forgotten the most are the Christians. Today the population of Christians in Syria is about 11.2% and that is down from 25%. Before the Arab Spring in 2011, about one out of every four Syrians were Christians, but after the invasion of ISIS that number has dropped

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BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 8

When the powerless pray There is one group in Syria that has a particularly tragic history, the Kurds. They are the largest people group without a country. As well as in Syria, there are Kurds living in Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Only in Iraq do they have a degree of autonomy. The province they live in, Kurdistan, has been recognised

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BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 7

Evil on Both Sides There is a special society of ruthless terrorists that have connections and support from the highest seats of government in the world. They do not necessarily have long beards, desert robes, and wear bomb-vests on the battlefield, but can be found on any given day wearing a suit and tie meeting with prime ministers and presidents.

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