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A Reason for Iranian Christians to Rejoice Among the Coronavirus Mayhem

Although the coronavirus has created sorrow for many around the world, there is a bit of sunshine in the darkness. Several Christian families in Iran today are rejoicing that their family members have been released from prison. Iran has released approximately 70,000 prisoners because of the coronavirus outbreak in the country, Iranian judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday, according

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Four Deadly Plagues Hitting China? Why?

Is the Bible coming to life in China? This is the question that is notable as four major plagues hit China right now. This is a fair question. China is being pounded right now with one disaster after another. There have been four major disasters that are absolutely crushing China’s economy since they have increased their attacks on the Christian

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“It’s A Matter of National Survival” – Says North Korean Official Regarding Coronavirus

North Korea has announced that the coronavirus emergency outbreak is a matter of national survival. It is. So far, no official cases of the virus have been confirmed from within North Korea. However, chances that nobody in the country is infected seem quite low. To survive, the country depends on aid, trade and smuggling, nearly all of which goes through

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Urgent Need in Iran

Heavy floods have devastated the south-eastern area of Iran, on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is one of the poorest areas in Iran. Thousands have been displaced and an unknown number of people have died. The severe rainfall and flooding blocked roads, destroyed houses and displaced thousands of people in southeastern provinces of Kerman as well. Massive flooding

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