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China Declares War on Elon Musk’s STARLINK

China is gearing up to launch a massive number of satellites to “suppress” Elon Musk’s Starlink system, according to recent reports. China’s Space Engineering University, an essential arm operating under the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, have published a paper proposing countermeasures to the Starlink Internet system. The Chinese project, initially reported on by the South China Morning Post, is code-named

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Answering BTJ Hate Mail

Reaching the most unreached people groups in the world should be a unifying part of the Christian vision, but on the Gospel battlefield, there is always “friendly fire.” From time to time, BTJ receives some fairly extreme hate mail from people who identify as Christians and, on our most recent podcast, we read many of those letters for the very

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China Using Inspiration from Gangster Al Capone to Persecute Christians

The Communist Party of China has a new tactic to attack churches, as they use finances to go after Christians. A report just released by the organization, ChinaAid, outlined how the Chinese government is tracking Christians who practice giving offerings and tithes to unregistered churches and using it to charge them with fraud. Banks are increasingly being used to persecute

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COVID-Update: North Korea Shows No Signs of Opening Up

China has finally ended its “Zero-Tolerance” strategy for Covid-19 and, this week, the Hong Kong people can finally walk around the city without masks. Unfortunately, North Korea is showing no signs of following. As a nation on China’s border, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is stubbornly holding to the draconian idea of the Zero-Tolerance strategy. North Korea still strictly

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Origin of Covid-19: SHOCKING Reports Proves China House Church as BEST SOURCE OF HONEST NEWS!

House church members in China prove to be one of the best resources for truthful information in China. This week, reports have been released concluding the very thing that BTJ has been reporting since day one – the virus was most likely released from the Wuhan Virology Institute biolab. In direct contrast to media from China in the early days

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