Muslim Official Curses Israel with “Wrath of Allah” and Immediately Falls Over with Heart Attack

Turkish official cursed Israel with the ‘wrath of Allah’ during a speech in parliament and was immediately hit with a heart attack, collapsing to the floor where fellow lawmakers rushed to his aid.

On Tuesday, Hasan Bitmez, who is only 53 years old, gave a passionate livestreamed speech attacking Israel, saying, “we can perhaps hide from our conscience but not from history,” and to Israel, “You will not escape the wrath of Allah.”

Seconds later, in a scene like from the Old Testament, Bitmez’s heart suddenly gave out as if supernaturally struck at that exact moment. He he fell and smashed his head on the ground, rendering him unconscious.

According to Turkish Health Minister, Fahrettin Koca, Bitmez’s life is hanging in the balance and he is in “extremely critical” condition.

Watch the video below:


Turkey, a Muslim country, has been issuing threats towards Israel as the Jewish nation defends itself against terrorists. Hasan Bitmez was only the most recent government official to threaten Israel.

UPDATE:  Hasan Bitmez was in critical condition during the writing of this article, but hours after he was rushed to hospital, he died.

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