Are UFOs & Aliens in the Bible?

Pastor Joshua Jones makes a triumphant return to our podcast, this time to delve into an intriguing subject that Eugene is confident will captivate your interest – the Biblical viewpoint on UFOs and aliens. Brace yourself for an enlightening exploration of these topics, not just from the perspective of a farmer or cowboy, but through a Christian lens.

If you are interested in hearing more from Pastor Joshua Jones, you can visit his YouTube channel: SANITY’S COVE.

In our contemporary society, where humanistic perspectives dominate and faith in Jesus may be considered irrational, it is intriguing to observe the persistent belief in UFOs and aliens. Click the link below to explore an age-old supernatural phenomenon dating back to the time of Noah. Seize the opportunity to learn how to channel unconventional beliefs to relate to those on the fringe and share your faith in Jesus.

Episode 721: UFOs & Aliens With Pastor Joshua Jones

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