APOCALYPTIC: Worst Floods in 140 Years Slams China

China is being slammed by floods of biblical proportions this week.

At least 22 people have died in the worst floods to hit the capital city of Beijing in over 140 years. Some rescue missions have been put on pause, as two rescue workers died in the process of trying to save others.

The heavy rain fall has displaced more than 1.2 million people and at least 100,000 rescue workers have been deployed for the relief effort as the remnants of Typhoon Doksuri smash the city.

The total impact of the disaster hasn’t yet been calculated. Major roads have been destroyed, buildings have been swept away, massive bridges have collapsed, entire parking lots full of cars have disappeared, and even airports have turned into massive lakes.

BTJ has reached out to our China office to monitor the floods as the situation unfolds.


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