Any Official Online Account with the Word “GOSPEL” is BLOCKED 🚫

This year, China’s crackdown on online Christian activities has increased even more. China’s new law is an attack to end all Christian activity online.

On March 1, 2022, the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services came into full force, implementing some of the strictest measures for censorship of anywhere in the world.

Any website in China that provided Christian teachings, Biblical resources, religious news, or devotionals were told to “rectify according to the March 1 Measures for Internet Religious Information Services,” by April 8.

According to China Christian Daily, additional directives were added in an attempt to prevent anything that would be considered to be Christian, “Please particularly pay attention to Article 17: Other than any circumstances provided in Article 15 and 16, no organization or individual shall preach their religions, conduct religious training, post or repost sermons or scripture preaching, conduct religious activities, or live stream or post texts, pictures or recorded videos of religious rituals including services, worshiping, incense burning, monkhood anointment, scripture chanting, mass or baptism on the Internet.”

Christians have already found that many of the websites that they used to rely on for daily devotionals are now blocked. The word “Gospel” for instance, is highly sensitive and is now blocked on any official account. Any account that attempts to put this word on their account is subjected to being shut down.

The Word, Gospel, or Fuyin (福音), in Chinese can no longer be used as a search word onWeChat in China. WeChat is the largest social media platform in China.

After forcing all of China to go into mandatory lockdown due to Covid-19, essentially shutting down all official churches and restricting any movement for house church members, Chinese Christians who abided by the law had no other choice but to meet online.

However, now that China has routed all believers to meet online – they have launched a massive attack, by shutting down all online access to the Gospel.

This is definitely a time that the house church in China needs prayers.

1 thought on “Any Official Online Account with the Word “GOSPEL” is BLOCKED 🚫”

  1. Anything written in the Bible is Trruth. It’s straight from God handed down to his Prophets and Discciples and followers of Christ and to certain Jewish Men and Women who were told what to write by God. That’s the Old Testament. They were also told by Jesus God what to write in the New Testament and Visionaries wrote the Book of Revelation when God revealed to them things through visions when God showed them what he wanted them to see and when he did it. Jesus’s Disciples and followers wrote what he told them to write. God’s timing is impeccable and precise right down to the second. God is awesome to know for those who open the door of their heart and let him In. God speaks to your heart. GOD knocks and wants you to let him in. He doesn’t give up and tries. Many let him in. Many today fight it. Refuse him. And don’t want him. Pity. Because for Billions beyond absolutely love God and can’t live without God. The others are missing out on something very beautiful. Everything in the Gospel people can relate to and apply in their life. Stories in the Gospel are not harmful. They never tell you to do anything evil or bad or hateful or angrily or revengeful, or spiteful or in a fit of jealously or rage or anger or steal or lie or kill or do perverted things or do corrupt things or immoral things or unethical things or Unlawful things not ever. All those bad things comes from the Devil, Satan, not ever God. Reading about God and the rich history of rhe Jewish people in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament are all good beautiful stories that touch every heart and soul and mind that read it. Xi Jin Ping your people of China love you as their Leader and reading the Bible and Gospel and having Mass and Baptisms and Prayiing will not make them not like you as the Leader of China. All Ancient Chinese Religions of Taoism and Confusionism and Budhism all worshipped and prayed to a Supreme Being asking for Peace and Harmony with the Universe and Nature and one’s inner being seeking a core center for their day. God is the Supreme Being in the Univese and World the only one that was and is and will be. All Religions talk to a higher Power and it is God. God has been called over the years as different names depending what Land you Lived in or what Religion you are or what Tribe you come from or what time frame you lived in. God is referred to by many names but there is One God not many. God’s names have been Lord, Jehova, Lord God of Abraham, God of Issaic, God of Israel, God of Jacob, Allah, Abba, Father, God the Father, Jesus Christ God, One Triune God, God of the Rain, God of the Wind, God of the Sun, God of Fire, God of the Ocean, God of Thunder, God of Lightning, God of Earth, God of the Universe, God of All Creatures, God of the Mountain, and other names where all his people on Earth have called him over Billions of Years. Never Curse God. All of his people of the World have called him these names. God created each one of you. He knows you best and better than you know yourself. God knew you before you were born. God gives Life to each one of us. God takes a Life when God says it’s time to leave the Earth then he shuts your eyes and you never wake up but see God the second you die.. God knows and sees and hears everything you do and say and think. He never misses anything. You can’t hide or lie to him or fool him, he knows everything about you your whole life and will tell you and show you the day you die. Everything that pleased him and everything that displeased him and angered him. God is the Judge of All Mankind. The day you die he will Judge you on what you did then decide if you go to Heaven or Hell or Purgatory. The Truth. Believe. So be Good, don’t do bad evil perverted things. Examine your conscience. You all know if you do bad or evil things or perverted things or good things and so many immoral wrong and corrupt and Unlawful and mean and nasty and unkind and cruel and hurtful and corrupt and greedy and angry and jealous things. So don’t do them. Jesus was famous for telling many when he walked on Earth (SIN NO MORE).

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