Another Case of Bubonic Plague – Known as Black Death – Reported in China

China sounded the alarm on Sunday after another suspected case of the bubonic plague was discovered, according to official media.

This comes only six days after China reported that two cases were confirmed by lab results on July 1, of a 27-year-old and his younger 17-year-old brother. The brothers are being treated at two separate hospitals.

So far, all of the reported cases are in Inner Mongolia and seem to be linked with eating marmot meat.

The bubonic plague, also known as Black Death, swept through Asia, Europe, and Africa in the 14th century and killed an estimated 50 million people. Half the population of Europe was killed by the plague. The plague is caused by a deadly bacteria often spread by insects or rodents. If left untreated, it can result in death in as few as 10 days.

The bubonic plague is only the latest disease to hit China this year, after the coronavirus and Swine Flu.

Inner Mongolia is considered to be one of the top unreached provinces of China. According to the Joshua Project, of the 28 people groups living in Inner Mongolia, 22 are completely unreached. In 2018, BTJ launched a project to share the Gospel message in the Mongolian language in China. That project is still going on.

Several evangelists, supported by BTJ, are traveling into villages, handing out multi-media units and preaching the Gospel message.