TURKEY: Ancient Christian City of Antioch in Ruins

BTJ teams are serving in the hardest hit areas of Turkey as the death toll continues to climb. Turkey has been reeling from the most deadly earthquake in their recent history, where tens of thousands have died and over a million have been left homeless. Fewer places have been hit harder than the ancient cities of Antakya, Iskenderun, and Diyarbakir where the majority of Turkey’s Christians live.

The entire city of Antakya is in ruins. Christians familiar with their Bible will recognize Antakya, Turkey, as Antioch in the Bible. Antakya is the first place where the term ‘Christian’ was used after Barnabas brought Saul (Paul) to Antioch. According to the Bible, “the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.” (Acts 11:26)

The devastation here is terrible,” reports one of the BTJ team members (pictured above), working in the heart of the earthquake area. “Praise God for the first day of the clinic. Seeing patients inside or outside tents. Saw lots of children today.”

BTJ is providing support in both Turkey and Syria through three different channels. BTJ has been sending blankets, tents, food, supplies, and medical support team members.

Urgent help is still needed. Your support can make all of the difference. 100% of all funds raised for humanitarian relief this month will go directly to the earthquake relief effort in Turkey.

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