An Insiders’ Missions Podcast

Looking for something new to listen to at work, during a long drive, or even to help make the time on the treadmill go by faster? Why not download the latest BTJ podcast?

The BTJ podcast is one of the most listened to missions podcast on the Internet, with several thousand downloads every month. Many Christians have discovered this little-known secret about how they can stay updated with the most recent BTJ mission efforts.

The popularity of the podcast comes from the raw unconventional way that it is recorded and the wide variety of subjects that we talk about.

Unlike most podcasts on the Internet today that are scripted, edited, and recorded in sterile studios, the BTJ podcast is recorded on the front lines and tackles subjects that are bound to wake you up.

Like missions on steroids, the BTJ podcast takes you to the front lines of ISIS in Iraq, into underground house churches of China, on missions into North Korea, behind the scenes in Iran, and even to the deserts of rural South Sudan – all recorded on sight.

With traffic honking, housekeeping from the hotel knocking on the room door, or even while hiding from the police, our podcast will make you will feel like you are right there in the middle of it all experiencing the mission field first hand.

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