Agricultural Training Happening Today in India

All around the US today, people are coming together for the holidays to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a time where families gather together and each one expresses thankfulness for all the blessings God has given to them. One thing that always makes that list? Food.

Today, over in India, we have an exciting training seminar taking place. Pastors and ministers who are working to spread the Gospel in India are meeting for a time of training and fellowship, where they will be taught different forms of sustainable farming methods and agricultural skills.

These skills are then used to start and maintain projects which provide reliable sources of food to communities who don’t currently have access to this. It is important work that we continue to see the benefits of.

The training also encourages a community environment of sharing food with one another – something many of us will experience today in America.

However, this training does more than just equip those who attend. This agricultural training seminar enables pastors and local evangelists to train others up in these methods of sustainable farming.

As we take time in America today to thank God for His goodness to us, may we also take a moment to thank Him for all He continues to do through His church worldwide.

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