Afghanistan’s Bible Revival

After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the nation has been in complete free fall. The world has responded to the terrorist takeover by freezing assets, cutting aid and halting humanitarian services. Women have been kicked out of school, fired from their jobs, and forced to go back to the barbaric lifestyle dictated by the Koran.

Afghanistan has been paralyzed by evil, but there is hope.

In 2022, Back to Jerusalem will be providing aid through three different methods. Although we can’t share the specifics, we can share that these methods are connected with Christians on the ground and allows them to provide aid inside Afghanistan while preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The spiritual strangulation of the nation did not start with the Taliban. It was happening under the previous administration which was supported by Europe, America, and the rest of the western world, but there is a Light at the end of this dark tunnel. A rising number of believers are willing to take risks to share the Word of God and BTJ is partnering with them to make it happen.

Operation Black Trumpet is a special project that allows believers to share the Word of God in Afghanistan without being identified. Due to security reasons, details about the program cannot be openly released, but in a nut-shell, Operation Black Trumpet allows Afghani believers to have direct access to electronic Bibles without being detected by the Taliban.

Operation Black Trumpet is part of BTJ’s YEAR OF THE ILLEGAL BIBLE initiative, where we aim to provide more Bibles to Christians in closed countries than we ever have before. We believe that there is a Bible Revival taking place and the Afghani Christians will not be left out.

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  1. Sonya

    I am so thankful for the movement of the Holy Spirit despite what seemed to be difficult circumstances. Our almighty Jesus is still in charge! He will get His work done. I am so thankful for this obedient ministry and will support with finances and prayer. May God continue to bless, grace, and keep you.

    From Virginia, US

    Sonya Henderson


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