A Rare Glimpse Inside the Iranian Underground Church

“Establish a church and you might make disciples. Make disciples and you will create a church.

Joel Richardson and Frontier Alliance International (FAI) put out a video series that is truly inspiring. These are powerful movies about completing the Great Commission in our day with small, underground house churches, and also by establishing Disciple Making Movements.

While at the VOP conference, Naghmeh Panahi, an Iranian involved in starting and running one of the largest underground churches in Iran, told people to watch Sheep Among Wolves Volume 1 and Volume 2. These two episodes star Joel Richardson, and are produced by the missions group, FAI. In these two episodes we are able to see the response of the Iranian church to the gospel message and learn how the Joy of the Lord is burning a fire through the new converts.

Perhaps one of the most profound moments presented in this documentary series were the expressions of being ready to be a living sacrifice, even to the extent of being raped by the Islamic jihadists. These Iranian women in the documentary were talking about how this may happen to them and they had to be prepared; it was a necessary discussion. They shared that, even if they had to spend a few years in prison, or a month in solitary confinement, it was nothing compared to an eternity with Jesus.

There is a great connection between Iranian Christians and Chinese Christians. The oldest church in China is in the province of Xi’an and was built by Persians. Incredibly, Chinese Christians are building the church in Iran. God’s family is strong when it is united as one. Come watch as Joel Richardson explains and shows how the impact of the Iranian church should be felt throughout the entire body of Messiah here:

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