A Goat and Piece of Fruit Tested Positive for the Coronavirus

BTJ missionaries have been working in Tanzania, so it seemed a little strange when a goat and pawpaw fruit tested positive for the Coronavirus there recently.

Coronavirus test kits sent to the African nation of Tanzania have come into question after the samples from a goat and pawpaw fruit came back positive, according to Tanzania’s President Magufuli.

The incident has been called a “technical error” after the president reported that he ordered his security forces to take random samples from goats and pawpaw fruit, assign human names to the samples, and send them in for testing to test the effectiveness of the Covid-19 testing. The lab technicians were purposefully unaware which ones were the animal samples.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there’s no evidence that a fruit can contract COVID-19, although a number of animals can carry the disease.

“There is something happening,” President Magufuli told Reuters, feeling that his test has revealed something suspicious about the test results that people in his nation are getting.

For reasons that are not yet known, even with densely populated areas, lack of access to proper hygienic materials and medical supplies in many African nations, the impact of the coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa is far lower than the rest of the world.

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