A challenging gift (2)

Still not found the right gift? Or are you looking for a meaningful way to spend the dark winter evenings? We received several reviews of our books from Elisabeth Bell, a reader who has experience working in closed countries. We would like to share them with you, and hope they will give you some helpful ideas of what you could give a person who is ready for a spiritual adventure. Today: ‘Smuggling Light’

Esther’s story of Smuggling Light captured my attention and my heart.  Her relationship with Jesus is a beautiful picture of the lengths to which Love goes to seek and save the lost.  Page after page, as she ventured in and out of North Korea, I found myself accompanying her through the invitation the Spirit had written between the lines.  As she willingly endured prison, beatings, and hunger in order to share the Hope she carries, I went with her. Her testimony allowed me to feel a bit of the darkness, see the hopeless faces, and imagine the hunger.  

And ushering others into an abiding relationship with her Savior, Esther shared with me the deep river of joy-like-none-other that flows as the Kingdom advances in the earth!  Journeying through Esther’s life and testimony elevated me into the knowledge that Jesus is worth all we have, all we are, and all we may ever endure.

Elizabeth Bell has a heart for the persecuted Church and loves to share stories of God’s faithfulness to His children. She has spent several years working in closed countries to further the advancement of the Gospel.

Smuggling Light

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