A challenging gift (1)

Still not found the right gift? Or are you looking for a meaningful way to spend the dark winter evenings? We received several reviews of our books from Elisabeth Bell, a reader who has experience working in closed countries. We would like to share them with you, and hope they will give you some helpful ideas of what you could give a person who is ready for a spiritual adventure. Today: “I stand with Christ”.

“If I were to share with Brother Zhang what his story has meant to me, he might be surprised.  His story is more than a first-hand account of God’s sustaining power in persecution. It is more than a man communicating his heart for the Church. For me, Zhang’s life is a clarion call to press in to know the Savior more intimately.

Zhang’s journey is one beautiful illustration after another, of the Christ he loves so much. In persecution, loneliness, and discouragement, it is Jesus who is most visible through this tender, loving man.
No worldly man would ever desire prison.  But at one point, standing at his prison’s exit gate not wanting to be released, Zhang cried over the lost ones still inside.  This is a man who has been captured by his Savior.  

Zhang’s love for Jesus has fanned my love for Jesus.  And Zhang’s love for his brothers and sisters is a compelling invitation for me to also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them.  If Zhang stands with Christ,
I stand with Zhang.”

Elizabeth Bell has a heart for the persecuted Church and loves to share stories of God’s faithfulness to His children. She has spent several years working in closed countries to further the advancement of the Gospel.

I Stand With Christ

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