A Big Thank You from BTJ USA!

Over the years, BTJ has been blessed with donations in various shapes and forms. Besides cash, we have been gifted gold, silver, jewelry, watches, children… ok, not children, so please don’t contact us about them, they are a blessing from God, and we don’t want to take that blessing away from you!

While the gifts listed above are transferred into cash to help fund projects overseas, there have been two donations that have been a huge blessing to our USA office.

Several years ago, we were approached by a donor who had an older vehicle that he wanted to donate to a charity. It had been his father’s and now it was sitting in their driveway taking up space.

This Toyota Sequoia was such a timely gift and met the immediate needs of BTJ Staff. Besides everyday commutes, it has been used to help move books and materials, transport staff to and from BTJ events, and takes almost daily trips to the Post Office to mail out online orders.

Recently, we were approached by a friend who enquired about donating a van to the ministry. While BTJ does not necessarily have a need for a fleet of vehicles, the fact that our Sequoia has over 250,000 miles means that this donation was also a very timely one.

Our Sequoia has served us well, but now it will be replaced by this newer Chrysler Town and Country. With just a little over 100,000 miles we feel like we have received a new vehicle!

While BTJ has been helping to purchase and provide vehicles for pastors and ministry leaders in closed and unreached countries, it has been a blessing to be on the receiving end this time!

A huge thank you from all at BTJ USA.


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