6 Women Rescued from ISIS After 8 Years Captive

Six women were rescued from ISIS and returned to their Yazidi homes in Kurdistan last week, after more than eight years in captivity.

There are still more than 2,700 women who remain missing.

In August 2014, ISIS, also known as the Islamic State seized Yazidi villages in northern Iraq and committed genocide against the minority community. Thousands of men and young boys were systematically put on their knees and brutally executed while the women and children were taken as slaves, many of them sold.

More than 5,000 Yazidis were buried in mass graves and 6,417 women and children were enslaved.

One of the girls who was rescued said that she was 12 years old when she was forcefully separated from her mother, and given to a Muslim man in Syria. “At first there was a lot of us, in a single hall,” she said, “but every time one used to come, choose one of us and take her. We haven’t met anyone after the hall. Only the six of us stayed together.”

BTJ was directly a part of the disaster response effort after the ISIS invasion and was able to report details that were not shared by mainstream media in the explosive book, ISIS: The Heart of Terror.

Detailed stories that were never told anywhere else were documented for the first time in the BTJ book Genocide in the Desert.

Genocide in the Desert details the murder, slavery, ethnic cleansing and rape of the Christian minority groups in Iraq that were never widely reported.

Genocide in the Desert shares the Biblical history of where these six young women have come from and where they have not returned to. See how the characters of scripture tie into and compare to the tragic events that we are seeing today.

Genocide in the Desert

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