30% More Attacks on Christians During Ramadan 2020 than in 2019

According the most recent reports, Ramadan 2020 was a deadly month with 28.9 people killed every day from Islamic attacks. Attacks were up 30% this year, compared to last year. In spite of the recent lockdown due to the coronavirus, recent data shows that it was the deadliest month of 2020 with 242 attacks in 2020, compared to 187 during Ramadan last year.

Islamic terrorists carried out an average of eight attacks per day compared to six per day from last year. Jihadis killed at least 867 people and injured 813 others across 20 countries during the holy month, with Christians being the main targets.

(Map provided by Breitbart News)

The top five deadliest countries during Ramadan 2020 are Afghanistan (498 deaths; 563 injuries), Nigeria (100 deaths; 57 injuries), Syria (87 deaths; 26 injuries), Iraq (57 deaths; 68 injuries), and Niger (33 deaths; 12 injuries).

Ramadan is the most deadly month for Christians throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Islamic parts of Africa. Christians in these regions face serious threat as they live out their faith. During the Islamic holy month, Christians were attacked in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Congo, and Niger.

During a live podcast yesterday, Nigerian Pastor and missionary Olamide Dawson explained the most recent heart breaking attacks that have been taking place in Nigeria that are not being covered in the international news.

The podcast with Pastor Olamide Dawson can be found here:


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    The Christian missionaries, evangelists,church-planters and pastors; more especially the Muslim background Christians (MBCs) needs our prayers more than Ever before.Who will be ready to stand up with and for these kingdom generals?


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