30 DAY SURVIVAL GUIDE for End Time Persecution

Soldiers never prepare for war in the middle of a battle. It’s way too late by then. It’s their continual training beforehand, in times of peace, that enables them to be victorious when the day of battle comes. Spiritually, the principle is the same. We cannot expect to stand in the day of evil if we have not been prepared.

Training is not for the faint-of-heart. If you’re willing, join us in a “Chinese faith bootcamp” for 30 days, starting February 12th. This is not a wimpy faith – it’s a Hebrews 11 kind of faith, embodied by Chinese believers who are taking the Gospel to unreached people across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. These believers have a radically different experience in living out their faith than those of us in the western world who have thus far, not known persecution. We fully expect that the worldwide Church’s best days are ahead, but they may not all look like flowers and sunshine. In fact, we very well could enter into the same level of persecution our brothers and sisters in China have encountered.

As you read the stories to come, you’ll learn how:

  • Chinese believers have been discipled in caves to avoid being detected by the government
  • God has positioned His people in physical captivity and changed prisons into pulpits, bringing many to Christ
  • Miracles happen for people who know nothing of Christianity except for how to say the Name of Jesus
  • Believers have experienced the deep joy that has strengthened them to endure beatings, torture, and imprisonment

We encourage you to use these 30 days to allow the stories of Chinese believers to prepare you, perhaps in ways you’ve never considered. Will it shake you? Probably. Will it challenge you? Definitely. Will it offend you? Certainly. But our great hope is that you’ll be propelled forward into the Great Commission as those who have been crucified with Christ, allowing His life to flow through you however and wherever He chooses.

Elizabeth Bell has a heart for the persecuted Church and loves to share stories of God’s faithfulness. She has spent several years working in closed countries to further the advancement of the Gospel.


  1. Angi Friesz

    I want to read this 30 day chinese survival…will it be right here on this website?
    I am so encougaged by my brothers and sisters at Back to Jerusalem, you are always in my prayers, love and blessings. Angi

  2. MelissaTFort

    May we share this with others who know the times we are living in? Thank you so much for this collaboration, connecting, and communications!!!

  3. Amaryllis

    Hello, I would love to receive this challenge.

  4. Stefania

    I want to learn from others and be prepared and changed during this season.
    Holy Spirit help!

  5. Jorge E Parrott

    Thank you so much dear friends for this timely wisdom and encouragement to grow in our understanding and purpose in loving our Lord, Jesus! Many blessings

  6. diane bush

    Shalom! I am a friend of BTJ. Please send me a copy of the survivor guide. Thank you #Shema


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