27 Christians Slaughtered in the Latest Islamic Attack

Twenty-seven Christians were slaughtered in the latest Islamic Attack in Nigeria.

In two gruesome attacks last month 17 Christians were killed on March 10, and 10 more four days later in Kaduna state, Nigeria, local sources reported. Both attacks took place in Zangon Kataf County, where 10 Christians were killed in Langson village and 17 slain in Ungwan Wakili village, residents said. Among those who were slaughtered were women and small children.

“I appeal to the Nigeria government as a matter of urgency to deploy more security agents to Zangon Kataf Local Government Area in order to arrest the recurring attacks on innocent Christians whose lives and property are being destroyed for no justifiable reason,” cried Sam Achie, president of the area community development association.

“My family house in the village was attacked by the terrorists and armed herdsmen,” resident Joshua Solomon told Morning Star News in a text message. “The house was burned down, and no one is left alive. They killed all my family members.”

Nigeria was the most dangerous nation in the world to be a Christian in 2022 and is at the top of our 2023 prayer list for the most persecuted country to be a Christian. Last year, there was an astonishing 5,014 Christians killed, with 4,726 Christians abducted, raped, or forced into marriage.

While the world remains silent about the brutal Islamic attacks on Christians in Nigeria, it is imperative that Christians do not forget and do not remain silent.

2 thoughts on “27 Christians Slaughtered in the Latest Islamic Attack”

  1. Killing over ones religion is a blaspheme to God. God gave each person and sects of people to follow a religion of their choice. RESPECT ONE ANOTHER’S RELIGION. There are few that want to kill over religion. Religion is not about killing. It’s love for God/Allah. Please coexist with one another. A few Muslims sent me personal photos on my FACEBOOK with them and Jewish people praying side by side and love for one another. One was 2 young boys one Muslim and one Jewish arm in arm as best buddies walking down the street laughing and smiling. The next one was 2 men next to a van on their knees side by side in the street one praying to Allah and the other praying to God and friends, a Jewish man and a Muslim Man. The next one was at the wailing wall in Israel both Hasadic Jews at the wall praying next to Muslims at the wailing wall praying peacefully and respectfully coexisting, no killing but enormous LOVE for ONE ANOTHER. You’ll see this in the rock video Rock the Casbah by the Clash, follow the rat. PEACE and LOVE PLEASE.

  2. Patricia Reider

    Pray for the salvation of those terrorists and those herdsmen who committed these atrocities.So , that they will have love in their heart instead of hate and that they will then have abundant life through Jesus now and eternity in Heaven with our beautiful Lord.

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