2024 June Newsletter

Letter from Poland Office, Reaching the Lost Generation

Greetings from the Polish Office! I’d love share about our the way we work here in Poland. Even though the “staff” in the office is just one guy working out of his home and a bunch of his Jesus loving friends, we are able to reach thousands of people every week, giving them the news from the persecuted church. How

China Mission Handbook

150 years ago, the mission field in China looked much different than it does today.  The missionaries who felt called to missions in the orient did not have the plethora of resources that they have today.  They did not have Google or Wikipedia, nor did they have an Amazon Prime account to purchase ebooks from anywhere in the world, with

Business Used For Mission

In March of this year, about 250 Christian Vietnamese business owners filled a conference room in the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh to learn how to use their companies to help complete the Great Commission. These business owners represented companies big and small, local and international, family-owned and corporate.  They represented factories, publishers, restaurants, hotels, and many other types

Afghani Children in Crisis

There are many effective programs around the world helping children in need get access to good nutrition and education. But for these programs to work well, there needs to be a level of stability in a country, as well as reasonable cooperation between aid agencies and the government. Afghanistan has neither. Most people in the country don’t remember a time

Under Threat of Death

BTJ’s newest book is Under Threat of Death: A Mother’s Faith in the Face of Injustice, Imprisonment, and Persecution and tells the shocking true story of Shagufta Kauser, a Christian mother of four who was sentenced to death because of the false accusation of sending a text message with comments against Islam. Shagufta faced what thousands of Christians face in

Engaging the Youth of Today in Missions!

Is your child ready for a challenge this summer? Why not take them for a deep dive into the world of missions? You may learn one or two things yourself! A while ago, Back to Jerusalem developed a missions course for older children and teenagers. That is the time when children are developing interests which often stay with them throughout

Voices of The Persecuted Church (October 25-27)

Persecution against Christians is increasing around the world. Christianity is now the world’s most persecuted minority group, but out of that persecution has come a tremendous message that must be shared. For only one weekend, BTJ is hosting a VOICES OF THE PERSECUTED CHURCH CONFERENCE to highlight the testimonies of underground house church leaders from the most closed nations on