2023: The year of Afghanistan

The Taliban takeover in August 2021 drastically changed everything for Afghanistan. The country has been forced back into militant Islam and guided by Sharia Law. The Taliban kicked out most foreign missionaries and aid workers and, as a result, is facing economic collapse and an extremely deadly humanitarian crisis.

Two years ago, most mission communities were certain that Afghanistan would be impossible to preach the Gospel in again until the government situation changed, but they were wrong. God has a plan for the people of Afghanistan and the Taliban cannot stop it.

Getting the Gospel message in Afghanistan has been almost impossible until now. Because of the hard work and effort of the BTJ Hackers (a network of Christian hackers who meet once a year to find ways to get the Good News into closed countries), the Bible is now available behind enemy lines and is spreading around the nation.

In 2021, the Taliban went door-to-door looking for Bibles, but the BTJ Hackers Community found a way to help Christians keep their Bibles safe from prying eyes and today that Bible continues to be distributed throughout the country.

Getting aid into Afghanistan has also been almost impossible, until now.

Most non-profit organizations have pulled out, because they cannot guarantee the safety of their staff under the new Islamic tyrannical rule, but BTJ has a couple of back channels that allow for immediate support to the most rural areas. BTJ is bypassing the Taliban and sending aid directly to the people on the ground using a special underground network system. So far, we have been able to get both money and materials to the most needy individuals on the ground during earthquakes and floods.

Amazingly, BTJ has the rare opportunity to support one project which supports both humanitarian aid and the preaching of the Gospel message. With this project, the Good News of Jesus Christ is being planted into the heart of the country and even Bible training is taking place. Our partners are risking their lives to reach the people in need, while at the same time preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.

These open doors in Afghanistan have ONLY been possible through the financial generosity of BTJ GateKeepers. GateKeepers are monthly partners who join together with the underground house church of China and believe in the effort to complete the Great Commission.

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