2023 June Newsletter

Because of GateKeepers

There are several nations in the world today that are dangerous and where people are living without knowing the name of Jesus Christ. God has not forgotten them; He has called His Church to go out and preach the Good News to them. The underground church in China is responding to this calling and there are Christians who hunger to

Connected with the 10/40 window: Office letter from The Netherlands

Dear brothers and sisters, Most people who work with Back to Jerusalem’s offices have their own back story in mission. They have worked for different organisations and projects (and often still do), connected with the 10/40 window or other neglected mission fields. Hearing their stories is always moving. One sister helps trafficking victims in US cities. A brother evangelises Poland’s


Back to Jerusalem wants to invite you to join us on a special VISION TRIP to Cambodia and/or a Business as Mission meeting in Vietnam. These two events are certain to transform your life forever! A VISION TRIP is a special opportunity to join BTJ missionaries on the field, interact with unreached people groups, and serve where needed. BTJ missionaries


The official death toll in Turkey is now over 50,000 people. However, those numbers are much higher, with some saying as high as 250,000 deaths. This sobering number became a reality as we drove through the streets of Antakya (The Biblical city of Antioch), and witnessed street after street of high-rise buildings that were completely flattened. We attended a local

The Gnashing of Teeth in Syria – A Living Apocalypse

Without hyperbole, the nation of Syria is living in the apocalypse. It is a nation where wailing, suffering, and the gnashing of teeth is never ending. The sun and moon are drowned out daily by the smoke of bombs and explosions. Misery and suffering foretold in the book of Revelation is unfolding in Syria and the recent earthquake is just

Ukraine: The Only Weapon That Can Bring Life

“This weapon gives life, hope, changes life, gives happiness,” says a Ukrainian soldier while pointing to a New Testament provided by BTJ. Then he shows his automatic rifle and continues, “this weapon takes life and brings pain and heaviness. May God protect us from it!” A year ago, BTJ funded and produced almost 36,000 New Testaments in the modern Ukrainian

BTJ Smugglers Hat

Each BTJ Smugglers hat comes with the BTJ Logo on the front and “Back to Jerusalem” written in Chinese along the back adjustment strap. This black hat features the Chinese character 回 (hui), which has multiple definitions, but four of them are especially pertinent to our ministry: To return To turn around Muslim To circle It should be evident why