2023 February Newsletter

Letter from the office, Reaching the lost generation

Let me tell you about a revival. It’s 2023. There is a war in the East, crisis to the West and in the midst of the turmoil there is something else rising. A noise, like the sound of a multitude of bones coming together. It seems like the last 30 years have been a staging time for this fresh, new

China Open for Business

The doors might be opening up for missions to China in ways that haven’t been seen for the last 20 years. China is starting the year 2023 with a more open approach than they have had in almost three years and Christians should sit up and take notice. The media is just now admitting that China’s business climate has suffered

HELP NEEDED: Join us this year in Cambodia and Vietnam

Want to see what God is doing among the unreached people groups? There is simply no better way to see what He is doing than through the eyes of missionaries who are serving on the front lines in closed nations – which is why you will want to join us in Asia this year. Every year, Back to Jerusalem hosts


Valentine’s Day is all about demonstrating your love to someone, or perhaps something, you care about. Sending Schoolhouse Teas shows that you love and care about the person that is receiving them and the Back to Jerusalem vision. In honor of Valentines’ Day, Storehouse Tea is offering a 15% off sale on all Back to Jerusalem Teas from January 27th


In 2022, people from around the world watched as massive demonstrations bled into the streets of Iran. The people are desperately clinging to the idea of freedom as they give their lives in protest after protest. The tyrannical Islamic regime has had four decades of power and many feel hopeless and powerless to incite change, but some are turning to

BTJ Business As Mission Forum in Vietnam

Business As Mission has emerged as one of the most significant methods for missionaries to gain access to closed nations between China and Jerusalem and this year there is no better place to embrace this concept than Vietnam. In 2019, BTJ hosted a Business As Mission Forum where hundreds of Vietnamese business owners and manufacturers turned up to see how

Next up in Fufu’s Forrest: Never Alone!

Discipling children continues to be a BTJ priority. The aim is not to produce a new generation of pew warmers, but a generation of courageous followers of Jesus who carry the great commission in their hearts. Many of you have become familiar with Fufu and his friends. Our children’s book series continues to inspire children, as well as the adults