2023 August Newsletter

Office Letter Jesus’ Motives

“He who speaks for himself seeks his own glory; but He who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him is true, and no unrighteousness is in Him.” John 7:18. Jesus’ motives were never self-seeking. His desire was never to be recognized or to require the honor of men. The scripture is plain – He desired to seek the

New Children’s Book NEVER ALONE

Eugene Bach called me out of the blue one day. “Can you come to Virginia for a few days?” My brain and my calendar immediately said no, but as I listened to him describe the story of a woman named Mariam, my heart and my voice answered with a resounding yes. We met Mariam Ibraheem near her home. She was

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Iran Agents Put Tracking Devices on Bibles to Find Secret Church Meetings

In an exclusive interview, one of our partners shared that Iranian officials have implemented a new way to find underground house churches in Iran. BTJ is writing an explosive new book about the first Iranian former Muslim believer to ever be arrested for his faith after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. He is also the first Iranian Christian to be

China’s Most Pressing Need is Bibles!

Last month, we were able to meet with our partners in China to better understand the situation for Bibles. Ministry reports have been drastically different between 2019-2023, because of two primary reasons: Draconian lockdowns following China’s ‘zero-tolerance’ method of dealing with Covid-19 The increase of Christian persecution in China starting in 2019 Due to these two reasons, obtaining clear reports

Underground House Church Training Materials Translated for Outreach to the Jews

This year, we are seeing an amazing breakthrough in reaching children for Jesus Christ in the darkest regions in the world. One of the ways this is happening is through the Sunday School program written by the Chinese underground house church, known simply as DOVE. DOVE is the only children’s Sunday School training program that is by the underground house

2024 Cambodia Vision Trip and Vietnam Business as Mission Conference

The day you have been waiting for! We never know exactly how God will use this trip in your life, but we are convinced it will expand your vision and help you get a better understanding of what BTJ is all about. Our dates and prices are now set, and we are accepting applications now What will you get to

BTJ Workshop

At Back to Jerusalem we love big meetings. There is a unique excitement about a large venue packed with people ready to be challenged by the great commission. But, as an organisation supporting house churches in China, we are also very much aware of the power of small meetings. It was in these house churches that the Chinese church really