2023 April Newsletter

The Longing of the Bride of Christ

“And the Spirit and the bride say: Come!” Jesus promised that he would return to pick up his glorious Bride; the church that has been prepared for about two thousand years. The Holy Spirit partakes in this same desire. When we share about Jesus´ return and cry out “Maranatha” the Spirit testifies and fires up our spirit, longing and dreaming

Bibles for Iran

In 2022, the world witnessed massive demonstrations in the streets of Iran. The people are still desperately fighting for change and clinging to the idea of freedom. The tyrannical Islamic regime has had four decades of power and many feel hopeless and powerless to incite change, but some are turning to Jesus Christ for hope. Iran is experiencing one of

BTJ Business Mission Forum 2024

Going Back to the Basics of First-Century Missions The future of missions is radically returning to the methodology of the first-century church as found in the book of Acts. Apostles, preachers, missionaries, evangelists, and Christians are not hiding behind the closed doors of dedicated buildings any longer, but are invading the open marketplace. If you feel that the Lord has

Starvation in North Korea

In an exclusive interview, BTJ has learned that North Korea has not been sending their foreign diplomats adequate support to survive in other countries. Local pastors in foreign nations have taken the opportunity to provide secret aid and build relationships that represent the message of Christ. Massive food shortages hit North Korea during the pandemic and a fallout of foreign

2024 Cambodia Vision Trip and Vietnam Business As Mission Conference

What is a vision trip? Our vision trips are short 3-4 day trips to one of the countries where our Chinese missionaries are working to share the gospel and where they are connecting with the local community. We never know exactly how God will use this trip in your life, but we are convinced it will encourage you and expand

Hackers & Ambassadors

Looking Back on the BTJ Hackers Conference & Ambassadors Meeting Back to Jerusalem is a vision, not an organization. It is the vision God gave to the Chinese Church to take the Gospel from China back to where the Great Commission began: Back to Jerusalem. This area between China and Jerusalem, known also as the 10/40 window, contains the most

Back to Jerusalem Workshop

What is Back to Jerusalem? And how to explain it? Emergency aid in Syria, business in Vietnam, missionary training in South Asia, aquaponics in the desert, welding lessons, a guy with a cap podcasting his opinions on a thousand and one subjects, books about revival, persecution in Sudan, training for Sunday school teachers, hackers for Jesus, Bibles for North Korea,