2021 October Newsletter

Contagious, a Letter From The Office

Dear friends, it is more clear than ever that the Back to Jerusalem vision is dangerously contagious. It is no longer just a vision of the rural Chinese underground house church, but has become the heart cry of those who desperately desire to see the completion of the Great Commission in our lifetime. This simple vision is inspiring Christians all over the

BTJ Hackers Conference 2022

The Gospel battlefield is more technologically advanced than ever before. In order to meet this challenge, we are calling all computer programmers, code writers, hackers, and gamers to join us for a special event called the Back to Jerusalem Hackers Conference. This two-day event will be held in February 2022 in Tennessee. The cost to attend this meeting is $0.

The General

41 travellers made their way through Erbil airport in the autonomous region of Kurdistan, Iraq. Our team included pastors, a Brazilian diplomat, a former Pentagon worker, missionaries, children and individuals who were passionate about the Back to Jerusalem vision. The group was made up of people from the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK and Poland, who had made the choice

Refugee Camp

The General also provided security for us when we visited a refugee camp, with both Syrian and Kurdish refugees who had become displaced after the invasion of ISIS. This particular camp held more than 3000 people, including more than 800 families, and this was only one camp out of 26 others. We watched as the people joined the line to

A Special Food Distribution

One of the reasons we had travelled to Iraq was to do a food distribution in some of the villages where refugees had settled. For most of us, we watched the horror of ISIS as it crossed our news screens, now only a distant memory. The same cannot be said for many living in Iraq, who are still faced daily

Baby Fufu, handmade in Iraq

Whilst in Iraq, we had the chance to meet with Barbara Jean who has been living and working there for several years, and is now running our FuFu Prayer Bear project. She works in 2 villages where the residents are mainly Syrian refugees. When she began work there, the women had no jobs and were unable to find work to

China and End-Time Prophecy, China’s role in end times

What role does China play in the End Times? China’s population size, economic growth, and thirst for military power have taken center stage and the world has witnessed their influence in Afghanistan as they backed the Taliban and no one dared oppose them. Most end-time experts have seen the “Red Dragon” as an aggressor to Israel and an ally to

Martyrs Scholarship Fund, Staying in School

Staying in School with the BtJ Martyrs Scholarship Fund School has started, and more than ever parents in the West have to think about what is right for their children. Some parents must carefully weigh the risks of infection when their child or a family member is clinically vulnerable. Other parents are hoping and praying schools will open and remain