2022 August Newsletter

Voices of the Persecuted Church Conference

For the first time in our history, BTJ is hosting a VOICES OF THE PERSECUTED CHURCH CONFERENCE to highlight the testimonies of underground house church leaders from China, the Middle East and Africa. What can we learn from the persecuted church? What lessons do they have to teach us? How can we prepare for the coming days of persecution? Come

Tribute to our Donors Office Letter

In a matter of days after being invited to pen this letter, I had an experience which gave birth to the above title. I received a call wanting to know more about Back to Jerusalem. Now this in itself is not unusual, but the intensity and excitement in the caller’s voice was. The caller had never given to the ministry

The Word of God on the Front Lines in Ukraine

With the growing economic crisis, paper supply issues and international shipping becoming more difficult, we believe that now is the time to intensify the printing and distribution of the Bible. This year is the year of the Bible at BTJ and we are serious about it. In April 2022, we learned of the huge need for the Scripture among millions

Right Under the Nose of the Taliban!

BTJ Delivers Food to Starving Families in Afghanistan As a direct result of prayers and support, BTJ has conducted several clandestine food distributions in Afghanistan right under the nose of the Taliban. As seen in the photos, food moved through the hands of BTJ teams in Afghanistan to make it directly to families who are on the verge of starvation.

Join us on a Trip to Iraq

YOU! WE INVITE YOU TO CHALLENGE YOUR FAITH AND JOIN US ON A TRIP TO IRAQ Covid restrictions are dropping. That means it’s time to travel again and foreign missions is calling your name. Back to Jerusalem wants to invite you to join us on a VISION TRIP to Northern Iraq this year, that is certain to transform your life

BTJ Hacker’s Conference

CALLING ALL HACKERS! CALLING ALL HACKERS! We are sending out an URGENT call for all computer programmers, code writers, hackers, and gamers to join us for a special event called the Back to Jerusalem Hackers Conference. This is not your grandmother’s mission conference. There is a Gospel battlefield today that is more technologically advanced than ever before. The rules on

Severe Drought Brings Death to Somalia

Right now, Somalia is in the middle of a severe drought that is threatening to claim the lives of thousands of children. Reports have already come in of hundreds of children dying from malnutrition. Experts are warning that half of the 16 million people living in Somalia are facing crisis-level food insecurity. Aid groups fear hundreds of thousands of Somalis


If you haven’t yet read the book Shackled about the story of Sudanese believer Mariam Ibraheem, consider putting it on your summer reading list. Shackled is not a book for the faint of heart; it has details of extreme suffering. Still, it is full of hope, courage, love and the faithfulness of God. Many people in Mariam’s life caused her harm,